Frequent Flyer

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The Frequent Flyer may be the perfect small lure. The weighted (2oz.) cupped head shakes and pops like crazy leaving an impressive smoke trail while it also helps hold the bait in the water even in rough seas. The Frequent Flyer is made with "fiber-optic" hair and now features two of my new improved Tough Hoo ballyhoo prismatic strips with the ballyhoo molded right into the plastic. The strips flap wildly as the lure shoots through the waves.

This lure is normally fished as a "stand-alone" without using ballyhoo but if you insist it can also be fished using small ballyhoo. I personally promise that the Frequent Flyer will become your favorite lure after the very first day you try it!!!!
This dude has became famous among The Charter Boat Captains.  It can be slow trolled in any postion and The Frequent Flyer will pluck away at every Pelagic Species that roam the Seas!!  When ran way back in the shotgun position it can be ran at 18 knots and the Wahoo can not resist.