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As the waters starts cooling off the fishing is picking up.  It has been a long summer with some slow fishing.  It looks like fishing in Morehead is producing Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, and Wahoo.  Hatteras has yeilded, dolphin, and Billfish.  Ocean City is producing Tuna, Big Eyes to be exact.  Here are some lure c...

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Tuna fishing is red hot up and down the east coast.  The Supra Dart is doing it again.  They say size don't matter and I believe it, We have pictures to prove it.  The Supra Dart comes in three different sizes so we have you covered in any weather conditions. 

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We fished out of Hatteras on Tuesday 5-06-2015.  We ran up to the 280-350 in search of some Yellow Fin.  They were not home so we settled for 15 Mahi and one weighed in at 42.4lbs.  The Baitshower with a Pink/Chart/Silver Outlaw did very well and the Supra Dart Tuna Rig in Crystal caught this stud.  

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We had a chance to fish on Monday with one of our customers.  It was a little slow but we ended up with 5 tuna.  3 made it back to the cleaning table.  2 were sacrificed to the sea thanks to the hammerheads.  The Supreme Squid with was the go getter.  Crystal with Blue Skirt

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We had a chance to enjoy God's Creation Saturday. We ended up with 22 Mahi, 3 Yellow Fin, and 1 Wahoo.  The go to bait was the Yellow Fin Tuna Rig  and the Supreme Witch (Supreme Squidwitch) all Crystal with either a pink skirt or blue/silver skirt.  The Baitshower  also worked well on a buddies boat.  ...

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