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Tuna fishing is red hot up and down the east coast.  The Supra Dart is doing it again.  They say size don't matter and I believe it, We have pictures to prove it.  The Supra Dart comes in three different sizes so we have you covered in any weather conditions. 

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We fished out of Hatteras on Tuesday 5-06-2015.  We ran up to the 280-350 in search of some Yellow Fin.  They were not home so we settled for 15 Mahi and one weighed in at 42.4lbs.  The Baitshower with a Pink/Chart/Silver Outlaw did very well and the Supra Dart Tuna Rig in Crystal caught this stud.  

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We had a chance to fish on Monday with one of our customers.  It was a little slow but we ended up with 5 tuna.  3 made it back to the cleaning table.  2 were sacrificed to the sea thanks to the hammerheads.  The Supreme Squid with was the go getter.  Crystal with Blue Skirt

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We had a chance to enjoy God's Creation Saturday. We ended up with 22 Mahi, 3 Yellow Fin, and 1 Wahoo.  The go to bait was the Yellow Fin Tuna Rig  and the Supreme Witch (Supreme Squidwitch) all Crystal with either a pink skirt or blue/silver skirt.  The Baitshower  also worked well on a buddies boat.  ...

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