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Marlin Hooked Up!The Agitator has accounted for more tournament winning fish and "big fish" category winners then any lure I make. I am constantly receiving reports from all over of outstanding catches. If you are searching for one lure that will slant the odds in your favor for catching bigger fish, look no further. When you use my Agitator you get my personal promise that this is the one you have been looking for.

This lure is intended to be rigged over a large (horse) ballyhoo. We have found that it has been successful in every location within the Agitator Marlin Luretrolling spread. It constantly shakes and pops in a tantalizing dance that almost seems to force big predators to react. I have even had customers claim that it sometimes seems to them that billfish will attack it out of sheer anger! Whatever the reason, the awesome Agitator really works!

Length: 10" - Head Diameter: 1.25"Eye Catcher Lure Colors

Also check out our new improved Mini-Agitator, the perfect lure over a smaller or medium ballyhoo. The larger Agitator is a great choice when you are targeting a larger "money" fish in a tournament or if you just want to up your odds for a real bragging fish. The Mini-Agitator is a good choice if you just want the same great "agitating" action for your smaller bait.
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