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Ultimate Dredge

The Eye Catcher Ultimate Dredge is one of those products that can't be properly described without seeing it in the water! If you have tried someone else's dredge you probably already have seen just how effective they are. You also probably noticed how darn hard they are to deploy and also how easily they get destroyed and damaged. Well, not any more. The Eye Catcher dredge takes all those drawbacks out while creating the awesome look of an entire school of ballyhoo flipping and darting right behind your boat and in front of your spread!

Other manufacturers' designs are simply made with fish stickers that are stuck onto long pieces of thin cheap vinyl. I designed this dredge with incredibly strong heavy duty custom vinyl strips that actually have Eye Catcher ballyhoo mirages molded right into the dredge strips so that they won't peel off in just one or two trips like the others that you have seen. In fact, our strips are guaranteed not to come apart for as long as you own the dredge.  The arms are custom built to our specification by STRIKEPOINT TACKLE. All you have to do is add an inline trolling weight in front, snap it to a rope or your downrigger cable and then drop the dredge over. It's that simple to create a fish attracting look that charter boats have found to be beyond anything they have ever seen!

Ultimate Dredge Teaser
***Includes Custom Storage Bag***

Length 7 feet with 8 strips and a total of 80 (8 inch) ballyhoo
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