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Ultimate Spreader Bar**** Discontinued****

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Ultimate Spreader Bar

It’s an Eye Catcher tradition to bring you the very best in unique and effective rigging and Capt John Oughton’s “Ultimate Spreader Bar” is superior in several ways.


If you have ever fished a spreader bar, you probably noticed two things. They really attract a lot of fish, especially tuna, and most spreader bars are a pain in the butt to pull. The biggest problem is that they want to flip and tangle very easily.

Our spreader bar is designed with the three front squid pre-molded right on the bar with the bar uniquely mounted through the top of the squid. This design allows the spreader bar to pull like a pontoon boat. The great advantage is that the bar itself rarely even touches the water. The result is that you have a bar that tracks perfectly and won’t flip or tangle. We have taken the “pain” out of pulling a spreader bar.

The center rear squid is rigged with a 300# Sampo swivel so that you can attach the lure or bait of your choice if you prefer to fish it “armed.”

36" Graphite Rod w/Nine 12" Squid


Includes custom carry bag!
Our Guarantee: If you bought the bar from us and it gets chewed up, we will overhaul the bar one time for $75 plus shipping!


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