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Bait Shower Teaser

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The Bait Shower Teaser looks so incredible that the first time you put it out you won't even believe what you are seeing! Most of my customers react by just saying "wow" the first time they see this secret weapon working. Each small Zinger jumps and skitters across the surface and looks just like showering baitfish in front of your lure. Its original use was as a front leader with a rear 3 foot Fluoro-Carbon leader but we have found it is effective no matter how you use it.

Tuna, dolphin and even billfish really love this rig! It actually seems to drive fish into a frenzy even when they aren't feeding. The rig is 8 feet long with a loop on the front and the last Zinger on this teaser has a 200# ball-bearing swivel crimped behind it so that you can add the lure of your choice. This rig has become one of the most reordered items in my catalog which should tell you just how effective it really is!

200lb Test - Length 8 feet

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