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Eye Catcher Pro Rigs

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Eye Catcher Pro Rigs are made using stainless steel cable covered with heavy duty shrink tubing. They are by far the strongest pro rig you will ever find anywhere and are virtually indestructible.

To make your lure track perfectly, we provide hook stops with all of our big game lures. After crimping the pro-rig to your line, slide the line through the hook lock from the back of the lure. Then push the sleeve into the hook lock until it is snugly in place. Done properly, this makes an awsomely effective hook arrangement that keeps the lure tracking perfectly plus it releases when you have hooked a fish. If you need further instruction, please call me anytime.

We use the QUICK RIG’S DR. “J” Stainless Hooks on the front and QUICK RIG’S SOUTHERN AND TUNA STAINLESS HOOKS on the rear. Order by hook size 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, 10/0 and 12/0. (Most standard 12” lures would use the 9/0 pro rig)

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