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We made a little hike offshore yesterday!!  Slow until 3 oclock but then it was wide open till we gave up and can in.  The Baitshower was on point along with the 1oz Predator and Supra Dart!!

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I was fortunate enough to spend some time snorkeling with my daughter and a school of ballyhoo this past January!  I have put together a color combination that closely resembles them.  We will call this color combination the Tru Ballyhoo!!  

By on 8/3/2019 • Rank (1118) • Views (1118) •Comments(0)
These Frequent Flyers are about to rack up some frequent flyer miles.  Australia Bound!!

By on 6/3/2019 • Rank (1178) • Views (1178) •Comments(0)
Mahi fishing is hot up and down the East Coast.  The Frequent Flyer is getting it done!  Stop by your local tackle shop and pick up a few and if they don't have them check out  

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The Billfishing is picking up and down the East Coast.  We have your dredge heads covered!!

By on 1/10/2019 • Rank (1496) • Views (1496) •Comments(0)
Check out this Marlin caught in Bonaire on the Frequent Flyer!!  

By on 12/25/2018 • Rank (1464) • Views (1464) •Comments(0)
From our family here at Eye Catcher Lure, we would like to Thank all of our Dealers and Customers for a great 2018!  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!  God Bless each and everyone!!

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The Big Eye Tuna fishing has been well above average out of Oregon Inlet!!  We are sending up some Supra Darts to head them off in Ocean City!!  

By on 5/13/2018 • Rank (2064) • Views (2064) •Comments(0)
We have a new Dealer in South Africa!!  BA Tackle!!  Thanks Capt Sarel Allers for choosing Eye Catcher Lures!!

By on 2/25/2018 • Rank (2935) • Views (2935) •Comments(0)
The Blue Fin Tuna made a good showing yesterday off of Oregon Inlet.  Check out the new colors that have been added this year to the 6oz Predators and 6oz Supra Darts.  Crystal with red heads and crystal with pearl heads!!

By on 10/18/2017 • Rank (4262) • Views (4262) •Comments(0)
Wahoo fishing has been pretty good this fall from Morehead up to Hatteras.  Check out this stud caught on an Outlaw on Carolina Girl Sport Fishing out of Hatteras.  Thanks for the picture Clint and Jessie!!

By on 7/26/2017 • Rank (4371) • Views (4371) •Comments(0)
We just made it just in time for this years bill fishing season well a little late!!  Our Dredge Heads are on the market and on our website.  We will be adding more head colors in the next day or so!!  

By on 7/12/2017 • Rank (3527) • Views (3527) •Comments(0)
The kite fishing is hot as it gets.  We are proud to now carry SFE KITES.    Don't let this bite get away.  We will also have rigged flying fish soon!!

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Day 4 of the Big Rock is over.  A good amount of bills have been caught and released.  I received a cool shot of a blue caught out of Charleston SC on the Magnum VooDoo. Monday we fished out of Hatteras with 21 nice Mahi and a Wahoo.  The magic bait of the day was the Supra Dart. Tuesday I had the privilege to ride with Marlin...

By on 4/11/2017 • Rank (4608) • Views (4608) •Comments(0)
The Black Fin Tuna were biting today.  A couple good friends fished till lunch and caught a dozen or so.  Then they went deep dropping.  Thanks Jeff and Jason for the pics.  The Black Fin Tuna "Bandit" Rigs did the job today!!

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The Black Fin Tuna "Bandit" Rig are now up on our website!!  

By on 4/2/2017 • Rank (3583) • Views (3583) •Comments(0)
The Black Fin Tuna "Bandit" Rig are now up on our website!!  

By on 4/2/2017 • Rank (3356) • Views (3356) •Comments(0)
The Black Fin Tuna "Bandit" Rig are now up on our website!!  

By on 3/25/2017 • Rank (4728) • Views (4728) •Comments(0)
Check out the 6oz Pedator doing its job!!  Thanks Kevin Matthew for the picture!!

By on 3/9/2017 • Rank (4737) • Views (4737) •Comments(0)
The Voodoo went 1 for 2 on Striped Marlin today in Cabo.  Thanks Jeff for the cool picture!!

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