White Marlin

White Marlin Lures and Rigs

The White Marlin Rig was something I had to come up with after much trial and error. The biggest mistake that you can make while white marlin fishing is thinking that the best way to fish for them is to just fish like you would for a blue marlin. They may look like smaller and similar versions of each other but that's about it. Just about every lure and teaser that I am using at any one time will attract a white.

The problem is that attracting them and hooking them are two entirely different deals. Many experts feel like one hook up in four strikes with whites is above average. When I am really serious about hooking a white, I like to use small lures and ballyhoo and very light Fluoro-Carbon. My favorite rig for whites is relatively inexpensive and extremely effective. I use Fluoro-Carbon for this rig not for its low visibility (that's a bonus) but because it has little stretch and is extremely abrasion resistant.