Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Rigs were the easiest for me to pick out. I have several other lures that work well on blues but I am positive these two are the best to do the trick for you.

When it comes to blue marlin one point stands out. Short cuts just don't work. You'll wait and wait for your chance, so you need to be ready when the moment comes. Everything has to be well thought out and rigged perfectly or your odds are reduced significantly.

My two blue marlin rigs will stack the odds much stronger in your favor but like the best of anything it all comes at a price. I didn't shortcut anything for these two rigs. They have the best lure, best leader, best hook, best teasers, best design, best personal rigging.....well you get the idea. If you are serious about wanting the best for a big blue, this will give you a shot at a dream.

With both these rigs you will be targeting blue marlin. The "by-catch" can often be monster meat fish. I can't tell you how many times my customers have scored category winning money fish while trolling these for their dream marlin!