Eye Catcher Products are sold through our "Preferred Dealer" network. I don't accept a "Preferred Dealer" unless I feel that his shop is the kind of place that I would go for my own offshore needs. All my "Preferred Dealers" are well known throughout their community for having the best area shops along with great prices and outstanding service that is above and beyond what you'll find anywhere else in that area. Please always let us know how our "Preferred Dealers" are doing for you.


Our preferred dealers below carry the full Eye Catcher® lineup


  • Wizard Tackle - Wodonga, Victoria Australia 3689 Ph 02.60.217421




    • Sigsbee Marina - Dredger Key Rd, Key West, FL (305) 293-4434
    • Mosquito Creek Outdoors - 170 S. Washington Ave Apopka, FL (800) 250-5191


    Coastal Outdoor Fishing and Hunting   1957 Glynn Ave Brunswick Ga (912) 342-7387

    • River Supply - 2827 River Dr., Thunderbolt, GA (912) 354-7777