1oz Predator

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The Predator received a roaring introduction back in the 2000 Ocean City Tuna Tournament with a victory while we were still testing it! The Predator is tied with a combination of two colors of heavy duty reverse tied "fiber optic" hair and brilliant flash mylar material. It has prismatic 3D eyes and our custom “belly-weighted" 2 ounce head for a prefectly swimming bait. This lure is made specifically to be used over bait but we have been told that it can be productive as a stand-alone also. This lure runs about four inches below the surface in any sea conditions with its hair pulsating and mylar flashing in a way that a real predator just cannot resist. This model is also extremely effective on a downrigger or planer for bluefin tuna and big wahoo. I can't even begin to describe how effective this lure fished over a Ballyhoo Reload has been!