6oz Supra Dart

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The Supra Dart is an incredible lure that's proving to be extremely versatile in catching all species. I made this for my own tuna fishing but quickly found out that this thing catches almost everything that swims! It is made with a very tough heavy-duty resilient fiber-optic hair that is flare-tied and covers over our thick & tough flashy mylar. The head is a one ounce bullet head with prismatic 3D eyes to give it that extra hand made touch that you won't get from other lure companies. This lure makes a ballyhoo or strip bait come alive. I have really been surprised at how popular this lure has become among the local every day charter fleet.


Our custom head has a "belly-weighted" design so that it will run perfectly for you every time. There is even a cone shaped recess in the rear of the head for the nose of the ballyhoo. The brilliant mylar showing through the fiber-optic hair is a look that can't be described without seeing it for yourself. If you are looking to add a few more numbers to your fishbox, I can promise that you do it with this lure.