Extreme Frenzy Teaser

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The Extreme Frenzy Teaser can be described one way ............ absolutely awesome! This giant magnum assembly is a one of a kind fish attracting ”secret weapon” that will bring more fish within the catching zone of your boat than anything else you will ever put in the water. "This unique design actually capitalizes on a fish's own instinct to be competitive during feeding." Although it can be pulled from your rigger when you are not using the bird in front, I find it is the most effective when it is pulled with the included towline attached to a transom cleat. You can also choose between the large rattling bird or the shower teaser to skip in front while the two magnum lures swim and dart perfectly around each other like two fish in a feeding frenzy that are chasing bait. What makes this teaser so incredible is that it creates this dazzling illusion without tangling!

I use 300# Leader and every connection is completely loop protected. I use 300# ball-bearing swivels and a  5/0 heavy-duty 3-way swivel. The rope is braided for easy retrieval. If you count the bird, this teaser is actually incorporating the fish attracting ability of over twelve lures all in one teaser assembly! 
One of the great aspects of this teaser is that all fish from mackerel, dolphin and especially marlin and billfish will come to this teaser. They will come up to it looking for the baitfish that they are expecting to find nearby. Better yet they will rarely actually hit the teaser itself. Most anglers find that it’s a good idea to have a small lure located from seven to ten feet directly beside or behind this teaser. For marlin, I also prefer to run a larger lure like our Magnum Voodoo on an adjacent flat line. It's quite a sight to see a big blue dart at the teaser and then turn on his side and devour an adjacent lure!

It has been proven over and over by my customers that there is no single investment that will bring as good a return in catchable fish as this teaser. You also have my personal guarantee... “No teaser available anywhere will attract more fish to your spread.........period."


Flying Fish

Includes Mesh Storage Bag AND Towline