Mad Max

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The Mad Max is a newly added lure that took us four years to convince a few of the local captains to allow us to sell. They actually considered this to be their secret weapon! Once a prototype made specifically for a few mates in the Hatteras fleet, this lure began producing billfish in a big way!

Mad Max is twelve inches long and pulled at 6 to 10 knots its slightly angled head makes the lure wiggle in a way that fish just can’t seem to resist. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone lure rigged with a single hookset or pro-rig and runs effectively mixed in with a ballyhoo spread. Run our Mad Max off your long rigger or flat line and get ready for a big fight.

Run this small to medium sized lure anywhere in your spread for blue, black or white marlin, dolphin, tuna, and even sails. A great multi-use lure.

Weight 4oz · Length 12" · Head Diameter 1 1/4"