Magnum VooDoo

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The Magnum VooDoo can be used either as a lure or teaser. It is an awesome fish attractor. Its concave head is designed to run about 6 inches under the surface and then pop on the surface about every four to five seconds. With each pop it gulps more air and leaves an impressive "smoke" trail in its wake. The head is made with our new "soft-top" material so that it still looks like our old epoxy hard-head but it won't chip, crack, scratch or mar your boat's finish.

The skirts are custom fish pattern skirts with an incredibly brilliant "aurora" belly flash finish.This lure's size makes it great for big marlin, bluefin and wahoo and it especially shines as a teaser. Note: These vinyl heads can be made to look like new by using any automobile type vinyl cleaner like ArmorAll.
Length 16" - Head Diameter 2 1/2" (at widest point)