Voodoo Jr

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The Voodoo Jr is a slightly smaller version of our prized Voodoo Lure. Use this version when the seas are in a foul mood. It's meaty 6oz head stays in the water when the chop builds up, and consequently can be pulled at higher speeds than its namesake. Like the Voodoo, its' concave head is designed to run just below the surface and then pop on every four to five seconds leaving an unmistakable "smoke" trail in its wake.

The skirts are custom fish pattern skirts with an incredibly brilliant "aurora" belly flash finish. This lure's size makes it great for all varieties of marlin, wahoo and it's the top choice of west coast captains when the pacific sails are enjoying a breezy day offshore.

Weight 5.7oz · Length 12" · Head Diameter 1 1/4" (at widest point)