Hatteras Classicâ„¢ Series

Big Game Lures

Big Game Teaser
Bounty Hunter
Kona Lure
Magnum Kona
Magnum Voodoo Big Game Lure
Magnum VooDoo
Dinger Plunger Lure
MJ Lure
MJ Lure
Voodoo Big Game Lure
Super Stalker Wahoo Lure
Super Stalker
Voodoo Jr Big Game Lure
Voodoo Jr
Mad Max Big Game Lure
Mad Max
Stalker Lure
Mini Voodoo Lure
Mini Voodoo
Mini Pusher Lure
Mini Pusher



All Eye Catcher Lures and tackle are made to the highest quality heavy duty standards for offshore fishing and are intended for rigging on 130# (leader) tackle and heavier.