Offshore Trolling Lures

Eye Catcher Series

Agitator Marlin Lure

Outlaw Lure

Sea Wasp Trolling Lure
Sea Wasp

Mini Agitator Dolphin Lure
Mini Agitator

Outlaw Jr Lure
Outlaw Jr

Predator Trolling Lure

Frequent Flyer Trolling Lure
Frequent Flyer

Best Tuna Lure
Supra Dart

Best Sea Witch
Supreme Witch

New Product!!


6oz Outlaw


New Product!!

6oz Supra Dart

New Product!!

6oz Predator

All Eye Catcher Lures and tackle are made to the highest quality heavy duty standards for offshore fishing and are intended for rigging on 130# (leader) tackle and heavier.